BEST SICILY EVOO was born from the heart of Italy.  

We are an importer of the finest and highest quality olives and olive oils that Sicily has to offer!

Born from the brotherhood of neighborhood farmlands, we at Best Sicily decided to search the region of Trapani in all its glory, and bring what the land naturally sources directly to you - no matter where in the world you are! 

Whether it is your kitchen, your palate, or your senses that miss the essence of Sicily, we are here to bring you the freshest pressed, hand picked, home nurtured, and naturally cultivated Mediterranean products that are available.

With the highest standards always as our top priority, we make sure that all products we carry are locally and sustainably sourced, and that no chemicals or gmo’s are used at any time in the processing of any of the line of products we represent.

Sicily’s most beautiful fruit, the olive, has been breathing life into this region for centuries…

Now, Best Sicily EVOO is here to bring the aroma of good nature, and the buttery, smooth flavor of its excellent olive oil to the best of you!